Artifact 371


Object 371 – The Ivanov Fu Dogs

Threat Level: Low (Threat level raised to medium if Subject 371-2B is separated from Artifact 371-3B)
Location: Contained. American Agency.
ADDENDUM: 04/09/1948 – Artifacts 371-1B-5/6/7/8 are as yet unaccounted for.
ADDENDUM: 02/18/1961 – Due to the “[REDACTED] Incident” the two statutes that make up Object 371 have been separated. Artifact 371-1A is located on site [REDACTED] and Artifact 371-1B is located on site [REDACTED]. Future interaction between between Subject 371-2A and Subject 371-2B should be avoided.
ADDENDUM: 07/23/2002 – The Chinese Agency has started lobbing for the return of Object 371 under the pretense that Object 371 was stolen from the Chinese Imperial Government in 1899. All such requests are currently being denied.

Artifacts and Subjects contained under listing Object 371

   Artifact 371-1A
   Artifact 371-1B
      - Artifact 371-1B-1
      - Artifact 371-1B-2
      - Artifact 371-1B-3
      - Artifact 371-1B-4

   Subject 371-2A
   Subject 371-2B

   Artifact 371-3A
   Artifact 371-3B

371-1- “The Ivanov Fu Dog Statues”

[ Access image file – Date 6/17/1905 – Photo taken by the British Agency, prior to 1930 damages ]
371-1 is a pair of white marble Chinese guardian lion statues from the late Ming dynasty (between 1640 and 1645 at the last estimate). Each individually stands at 60 inches tall by 24 inches wide by 36 inches deep and weighs 3600 lbs.

371-1A: [Artifact] The male. The statue depicts a highly stylized dog-like lion sitting on a pedestal, mouth open, teeth clearly visible. The right paw is raised, resting on an orb. A decorated collar is hung about the lion’s neck. The statue is intact and, save for a few small chips, is in good condition. Subject 371-2A is attached to this Artifact.

371-1B: [Artifact] The female. The statue depicts a highly stylized dog-like lion sitting on a pedestal, mouth closed, teeth bared. The left arm is raised, the left paw and the object beneath are missing. A decorated collar is hung about the lion’s neck. Subject 371-2B is attached to this Artifact.

While in procession of the British Agency, Artifact 371-1B has suffered significant damage from a series a blows made with a hard object, most likely a hammer. A large crack (16 inches long) runs down the right rear haunch. A second crack (32 inches long), run diagonally up across the chest and through the collar, terminating under the left ear. Small surface chipping can be found around the body, the majority of which is centered around the head and neck.

8 larger pieces, presumably having been broken off in the same incident, are missing from the statue. 3 of these pieces are currently in possession of the American Agency, 1 is carried by Subject 371-2B, the whereabouts of the remaining 4 pieces are as yet unknown. These are believed to have been lost while Object 371 was in the possession of former French Agency.

List of 371-2B Sub-Artifacts:
1). 371-1B-1 – [Artifact] Left paw and object beneath. The object under-paw is a [REDACTED]. – Location: [REDACTED]
2). 371-1B-2 – [Artifact] The right ear. – Location: [REDACTED]
3). 371-1B-3 – [Artifact] A 5×6×3 inch portion of the right front chest. – Location: [REDACTED]
4). 371-1B-4 – [Artifact] 3×1×1 inch portion of the lower right jaw and K9 tooth. – Location: In possession of Subject 371-2B
5). 371-1B-5 – [Artifact] A portion of the left upper muzzle and teeth. – Location: Unknown
6). 371-1B-6 – [Artifact] A 4×8×3 inch piece of the left side of the neck and mane. – Location: Unknown
7). 371-1B-7 – [Artifact] A 6×10×2 inch portion of the left shoulder. – Location: Unknown
8). 371-1B-8 – [Artifact] A 3×4×1 inch portion of the right “eyebrow”. – Location: Unknown

NOTE: Artifacts 371-1B-1 through 371-1B-4, when in the presence of Subject 371-2B, can be used to compel the “Confined Form” of Subject 371-2B. Success seems to be determined by the artifact holder’s standing within his/her “household” and can be increased significantly by the number of statue fragments present. Compelling the “Unconfined Form” of Subject 371-2B has met with disastrous results and should not be attempted.

Effect: Artifacts 371-1A and 1B each have a Fu Dog spirit (Subjects 371-2A and 2B respectively) attached to them. Artifact 371-1A/1B seems to act a homing device for Subject 371-2A/2B, attracting Subject 371-2A/2B to it, regardless of Subject 371-2A/2B’s physical state. If Subject 371-2A/2B is terminated, they will return their host statue, slowly re-materializing over the course of several months as their essence or “chi” regathers.

The placement of Artifact 371-1A/1B determines Subject 371-2A/2B’s loyalty. Subject 371-2A/2B becomes obedient to the head of the household/property upon which their statue resides. Traditionally, Artifacts 371-1A and 1B would be placed on either side of the main entrance of the household, but this has been proven unnecessary. Experimentation has shown that simply being on a property, regardless of the location within, is enough to maintain Subject 371-2A/2B’s loyalty. Subject 371-2A/2B can and will also serve the other members of the household, but not with same the level of obedience as the head of the household.

Damage done to Artifact 371-1A/1B appears to have some effect on the mental state of its resident Subject. This is clearly exemplified by Subject 371-2B and its occasional disobedience. Subject 371-2A (whose statue is undamaged) displays exemplary and unshakable obedience to the head of the household and adherence to its purpose, while 371-2B has developed what can only be described as a “sense of free will”. It is theorized that the complete destruction of Artifact 371-1A/1B will also result in the termination of the Subject attached to it.

371-2 – “Jin Shou and Ren Yi”

371-2A: Subject 371-2A “Jin Shou” or Agent Rintintin is the Fu Dog spirit attached to Artifact 371-1A.
- File located with the Subject Management Department – Access File S371-2A – Green level

371-2B: Subject 371-2B “Ren Yi” or Agent Lassie is the Fu Dog spirit attached to Artifact 371-1B.
- File located with the Subject Management Department – Access File S371-2B – Green level

371-3 – “The Ivanov Dog Cuffs”

Appearance: [ Access image file ] Two identical brown leather cuff bracelets 6 inches wide and 12 inches in circumference. The cuffs are fastened in place with a matching leather thong. The outside surfaces are smooth and unmarked save some light scuffing around the edges. The inside surfaces are etched with an unknown Asian script resembling Manchu. Similar markings are inscribed between the etchings in what appears to be blank ink. 371-3 has proven thus far to be indestructible, having demonstrated an immunity to fire, cutting, biting, abrasion, tearing, water and puncturing. Untying the leather thong which holds the cuff in place is, thus far, the only way to remove 371-3.

Effect: 371-3A/3B binds and keeps Subject 371-2A/2B in a human form and MUST be worn at all times. While in contact with 371-3A/3B, Subject 371-2A/2B possess sentience, a distinct personality and can be described as quite human. If removed, Subject 371-2A/2B will revert back to their Fu Dog spiritual state, and lose all sentience. 371-3A/3B can only be removed by an outside source, both Subjects 371-2A and 2B can not manipulate either the bracelets.

If a human wears Artifact 371-3A/3B, that individual can give verbal commands to the Subject from which the bracelet was removed.

371-3A: [Artifact] Worn by Subject 371-2A around the right wrist. THE REMOVAL OF ARTIFACT 371-3A FROM SUBJECT 371-2A SHOULD BE AVOIDED, EXCEPT IN EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES – OR – WITH WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM STAFF CLEARANCE LEVEL BLUE-2 OR HIGHER. Unauthorized removal will result in a formal investigation and possible demotion, expulsion and/or termination of the offending agent/s.

371-3B: [Artifact] Worn by Subject 371-2B around the left wrist. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHOULD ARTIFACT 371-3B BE REMOVED FROM SUBJECT 371-2B. Removal will result in a formal investigation and possible demotion, expulsion and/or termination of the offending agent/s.

NOTE: Due to damage to Artifact 371-1B, Subject 371-2B displays a considerable amount of independence while in its Unconfined Form. An extremely strong willed individual must be wearing Artifact 371-3B, otherwise Subject 371-2B will ignore all commands.


History of Object 371

Ownership Record
   1640-1842 – Hou Family
   1842-1899 – Chinese Imperial Family
   1900-1905 – Captain [REDACTED]
   1905-1932 – British Agency
   1932-1946 – French Agency
   1946-1948 – [REDACTED] Ivanov
   1948-Present – American Agency

According to Subjects 371-2A and 2B, Object 371 was created in the late Ming Dynasty, between 1640 and 1645, for middle ranking government official known as Huo Yun Hai (霍云海). Fearful of the turbulent times and a superstitious man, Yun Hai enlisted the help of a Taoist priest (name unknown, believed to actually be still alive). Employing a similar technique used for the creation of a ‘jiangshi’, the priest used the spirits of two guard dogs to give life to a pair of guardian lion statues. Subjects 371-2A and 2B loyally served the Huo family for 200 years. As the following Qing empire aggressively expanded it borders, the need for officials in the outlying lands grew. Huo Zheng Chao (霍正超), eldest son of Huo Qiu Xue (霍云海), was sent to the recently annexed territory of Tibet as an adviser to the recently appointed Amban for the region. Fearing for his son’s life, Qiu Xue sent Object 371 with Zheng Chao.

As the need for the Amban presence lessened over the next 70 years, so did their need for support from their subordinates. The current Huo adviser and his family were sent back to Beijing. Over the next couple of decades the Huo family fell out of favour and declined. In a last ditch effort to bolster their standing with the Imperial Family, the Huo family presented Object 371 as a gift to one Emperor’s son’s, near the end of the First Opium War in 1842. Whether this gesture was successful or not is unknown.

Object 371 resided with the Imperial Family until it, like many other Chinese artifacts, was captured when the Summer Palace was ransacked and burned during the during the Boxer Rebellion in 1899. Object 371 was sold for 5 ₤ and 6 shillings in dockside auction to a Captain [REDACTED]. Fully aware of the Object’s nature, having witnessed Subjects 371-2A and 2B successfully defend one of the Imperial households against British looters in the Second Opium War, Captain [REDACTED] brought the Object back with him to England. Subjects 371-2A and 2B served his household until Object 371 was presented as a strategic and political favor to the newly founded British Agency. The exact details of this exchange are still unknown.


Sometime between the First and Second World War Artifact 371-1B was attacked by unknown individual with the intent of destroying it. While the assailant didn’t succeed due an intervention by Subject 371-2A, the statue was irreparably damaged and cracked, with several pieces having actually been broken off (see Artifact 371-1B for listing). The motivation behind this attack is unknown, as the assailant didn’t survive the encounter with Subject 371-2A. The damages unexpectedly granted Subject 371-2B a sense of free will. Due to growing concerns over the potential for the Subject’s mental stability from this, the British Agency hurriedly sold Object 371 to the French Agency in 1932.


When the French Agency was ultimately disbanded after the end of the Second World War the statues were sold to a Russian extra-natural artifact collector known as [REDACTED] Ivanov. After suffering multiple break-ins to his estate, Ivanov began to grow fearful that his artifacts might fall into the wrong hands. Calling in some favors, Ivanov offered his collection to the recently founded American Agency in exchange for amnesty in 1948.

As Object 371 was part of that trade, Subjects 371-2A and 2B immediately began to serve for the American Agency, their loyalty and hard work eventually earning them ‘Agent’ status. However, when he fled, Ivanov neglected to mention the effects of the damages to Artifact 371-1B and over the course over the next decade Subject 371-2B became increasingly outspoken and obstinate. This change didn’t sit well with Subject 371-2A as, unlike Subject 371-2B, it hadn’t developed a sense of freewill. The two Subjects became increasingly belligerent towards each other until 1961 when, in what would be called the “[REDACTED] Incident”, the two came to blows and unwittingly tried to kill each other while in their Unconfined forms. Once control was regained, the two statues that made up Object 371 were separated and transferred to separate locations. Artifact 371-1A is currently located at [REDACTED], and Artifact 371-1B is located at [REDACTED].

Artifact 371

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