American Agency Roster


Kashna – Director of the American Agency
Agent Sascha
WindmillFormer Director

Research and Development

Agent Dregs
Agent Matchbox
Agent Praxis
Agent Scaffold

Field Operatives

Agent Corvus – Deceased
Agent Black – Deceased
DermitOn a consultation basis
Agent Drake
Agent Fear FactorOn loan from the Canadian Agency
Agent Gently
Agent Hamelin – Retired, now teaching
Agent Lassie “Nama”
Agent Leapfrog – Arrested, in Agency custody-
-Agent Longstride – Deceased

Agent Pasiphae
Agent Rerun
Agent Rintintin
Agent Slick
Agent Spotter – Retired, now teaching
Agent Wells – presumed Deceased

Operators (a.k.a. Mohawks)

Dudley – Panic Van driver
Smokey – Panic Van driver

Agency Consultants

Agent HendersonSasquatch Specialist
Hillary Lancing – Former BETA Agent
Miranda MochereFormer BETA Agent

Prospective Agents

Larlene IvesIn process of application

Specialty Operatives

Agent Emet
JeffersonAlways keep him drunk

American Agency Roster

Plausible Deniability NorthernCrown