Fear Factor

Cool, collected, and more than willing to ruin your day


Age: 20     Gender: Male
Physical: 5ft 10in | 135 lbs
Allegiance: Canadian Agent (currently working with American Agency to improve relations)
Clearance Level: Green-1
Preferred Weapon: Rifle
Extra-Natural Ability: Forcing people to experience their worst fear (and experiencing it himself)


The unfortunately-codenamed Fear Factor, formerly Lavi Gauthier, “volunteered” to join the Canadian Agency as a research and public relations specialist immediately after graduating high school in his hometown of Montreal. His combat training stems from a botched mission in the Yukon Territories, after which he was promptly reassigned to the American Agency. Probably not forever.

Interests: [Forthcoming…]

Languages: French (Québécois); English; German;

Features of Note: [Forthcoming…]

Fear Factor

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