Welcome to the Agency.

The Agencies of the world exist to protect the general populace from the extra-natural and abnormal phenomena that exist just as surely as the natural world most people are familiar with.

Many agents possess extra-natural abilities that they use to their advantage out in the field. Others rely on technology or the occult to give them the edge they need to survive and succeed. Those who are recruited into the Agency are expected to pull their own weight, whether they volunteered, were forcibly recruited (often the case for those gifted with extra-natural abilities), or happened to survive a violent encounter with the abnormal with a minimal amount of trauma.

In exchange for room and board (the second of which is generally passable) and the best health insurance money can’t buy, talented individuals are given access to cutting edge technology and then sent to abnormal incidents to evaluate and neutralize threats.
Above all, and especially in the face of hostile organizations, agents are expected to maintain plausible deniability for the unsuspecting world at all times.

Plausible Deniability

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