The International Spaceship Incident


Mission Objective:
Extraterrestrial interstellar craft [GL1-VOBJ.4.955-04.1784-x7] established communication with the Brazilian Agency and set up multiple teleportation pads worldwide for international agencies’ delegations to board the aforementioned craft. Team is assigned to serve as delegation and investigate.

Mission Personnel:
Agent Beatrice (on loan from British Agency): combat support, extra-natural consultant
Agent Bjorn (on loan from Norwegian Agency): handler for Agt. Beatrice, combat support, tactical support
Agent Drake: combat specialist, tactical support
Agent Slick: technical specialist, tactical support
Agent Rerun: team lead, research specialist
Additional Personnel:
Agent Pasiphae: team liaison, tactical consultant

Mission reports relating to RUBY SPARROW DISCORD are classified under level BLUE-1 security clearance and higher. Transcript of Agent Rerun’s personal post-mission statement as team lead available below.

Bottle of water, check. Okay, start recording. Today is September 26th, 2013. This is Charles Greene, codename Rerun, Field Agent, Green-1 clearance. Team lead for RUBY SPARROW DISCORD, because Pasiphae was still in the med bay after jumping off a damn walkway in that other dimension under Haven. Thanks, Pasiphae. Beginning post-debriefing personal statement after Mission RUBY SPARROW DISCORD.

I’ve been told that overall, the mission was largely successful, and because of it, the American Agency improved many international relations because of my team’s actions, Britain and Germany notwithstanding. Um, so that’s great, but it doesn’t change how freaking awful and terrifying it was as an experience. And no, I haven’t forgotten about Blackbirch. I really haven’t even come close to forgetting about Blackbirch. Anyway.

Things started off as diplomatic and investigative in nature. We arrived at the teleporter pad just before eleven in the morning. It was about twenty-four feet in diameter, white, flat, and circular shape that was raised a few inches out of the ground. I was nervous about having Beatrice along, since we’re not on good terms with the British Agency, and that makes her kind of a wildcard. A very intimidating wildcard. But Agent Bjorn seemed to have that under control. I let the others go through the teleporter first, because I wanted to uh, do something that in retrospect, was pretty dumb: I tried to postcog the pad, because I wanted to find out how and when it got there, and maybe have some idea of what to expect. Maybe it was too alien or something, but- Well, I blacked out for a few seconds. I woke up to Pasiphae calling my name over the earpiece. I didn’t tell anyone about that, what I did, mostly because I didn’t want Pasiphae to know, and just stepped onto the pad to join the others. I know, that wasn’t smart. Lesson learned, don’t postcog weird stuff by yourself.

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The International Spaceship Incident

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