The artifacts sought after by all those interested in unconventional power (including all Agencies, BETA, and multiple other organizations) range from terrifyingly powerful to the surprisingly mundane.

  • Blackbirch
  • Blackbirch Continuum
  • Bones of Midas
  • Camera Obscura
  • Cap of Hades
  • Head of Uru-Hangyi
  • Artifact 371 / Ivanov Fu Dogs

    Appearance: A tarnished brass door handle.
    Threat Level: High.
    Location: Contained. American Agency.
    One of the original door handles of Blackbirch Manor, a winery constructed in 1794. Door handle recovered in 1964 after the disappearance of an entire family from the residence built upon the original manor’s foundation. Until April 2013, the door handle was the only means of accessing the extra-natural space dubbed “Blackbirch,” but only responded to a descendent of the Blackbirch family. (Agents Slick and Rerun are the only Blackbirch descendants on-site at this time.)

    Blackbirch Continuum
    Appearance: A 2 ft length of braided human hair, blonde.
    Threat Level: High.
    Location: Contained. American Agency.
    This braid contains the entirety of the extra-natural space known as “Blackbirch,” including both its past and presumably whatever it may become in the future. Originally, Blackbirch Manor was a winery in Georgia, built in the late 1700s, and the site for many extra-natural events persisting through its demolition and right up through to the present. This braid once belonged to Agatha Blackbirch, who was the ultimate mastermind of the extra-natural events surrounding Blackbirch.

    Bones of Midas
    Appearance: Eight human phalanges and three metacarpals inside a steel lockbox, slightly larger than a cubic foot in volume.
    Threat Level: Low-Medium
    Location: Contained. American Agency.
    The history of the Bones of Midas is largely unknown, which is odd, considering that they are capable of turning organic objects they touch into gold. The legendary “Midas touch” is in fact the by-product of an exceptionally rare, dimorphic fungus. While in a warm, aerobic environment, and presented with organic compounds, the fungus grows as a unicellular yeast. In this state, it rapidly divides through mitosis, fueled by the organic compounds it ingests. If the fungus is in an anaerobic or cooler environment, it becomes a multicellular mold, and its growth rate is reduced. Standard Agency operating procedure when handling the Bones of Midas involve keeping the vacuum-sealed box heavily locked in the back of the freezer, also heavily locked.

    Camera Obscura
    Appearance: An older model of a professional photographer’s camera. Model number: MDIA D33 (The D33 is the only one of its kind. The company produced a line of C33s, but not beyond.)
    Threat Level: High
    Location: Destroyed
    The MDIA D33 has been passed from owner to owner for several decades, and leaves a trail of misery in its wake. Its past three (known) owners were all artistic photographers who eventually committed suicide. Models and those who’ve had their photograph taken with the D33 universally develop severe, obscure terminal cancers. The D33 was being sought after by the Czarists, as well as other individuals, as the photographs taken by the D33 literally captures the souls as well as the images of its subjects. The photographs contain a great deal of power, depending upon the willingness of the owners to utilize them.
    The D33 was destroyed by a group of agents while on a mission in Worcester, MA.

    Cap of Hades
    Appearance: A dark brown aviator’s style cap of worn leather. Heavier than it looks, and appears older than the style would indicate. Gives the feeling of metal when held.
    Threat Level: High
    Location: Unknown. Last known to be in the possession of the American Agency.
    The Cap of Hades is highly sought after, as it is the ultimate tool in disappearing. Rather than rendering the wearer invisible (or other such inane nonsense), the Cap affects those around the wearer. It effectively blots out the connections between the two, allowing the wearer to fade from general, intimate, technical, ad physical knowledge of those who know them. At first, this blotting effect is incomplete, and disappears as soon as the Cap is removed. Over time, it is hypothesized that the blotting becomes more permanent, perhaps to the point of the wearer retaining complete anonymity after the removal of the Cap. However, this hypothesis is unproven, and is exceedingly difficult to test.

    Head of Uru-Hangyi
    Appearance: Uru-Hangyi’s head is held within a 4′ × 3′ × 3′ steel trunk.
    Threat-Level: Medium-High
    Location: Contained. American Agency.
    Latest Mission Report: Filed. Access TAWDRY YARD GINSU.
    Also referred to as “That Which Sleeps,” Uru-Hangyi is something The Agency takes great care in ensuring doesn’t wake up.

    Object 371 or “The Ivanov Fu Dogs”
    Appearance: A pair of large white marble Fu Dog statues.
    Threat-Level: Low (Threat level raised to medium if Subject 371-2B is separated from Artifact 371-3B)
    Location: Contained. American Agency.

The statutes that make up Object 371 contain a pair of spirits known as “Guardian Lions”. Known as Subject 371-2A and Subject 371-2B, these spirits are bound to serve and protect the property on which they sit. Able to take on a human form, both Subjects have been incorporated into American Agency and have earned Agent status.

  - Access Green Level File: “Object 371”
  - Access Green Level File: “Subject 371-2”


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