Postcognitive Historian


Age: 27     Gender: Male
Physical: 5 ft, 10 in | 133 lbs
Allegiance: American Agent (Croot)
Department(s): Field; Research
Clearance Level: Green-2
Preferred Weapon: Diplomacy; Research; Longsword
Extra-Natural Ability: Postcognition (Access file: Postcognition)

Postcognition: [Touch] Physical contact with an object or person usually allows Rerun the chance to see an event of their past, and experience what they felt. This can result in a traumatic experience for Rerun, both in what he sees and in the now-frequent sensation of being someone other than himself.

Self-Limited Postcognition: Rerun may choose to make any postcog roll with a reduced dice pool. This will limit the extent of the postcog, as well as the severity of any negative reactions.

Memory-Lock: Rerun can attempt to force someone into re-living a traumatic memory. If he isn’t careful, however, he may end up experiencing it with them, or (in the worst case) by himself if it backfires.


Agent Rerun, formerly known as Charles Franklin Greene, was recruited (along with Agent Slick) by Agent Pasiphae while taking a summer break from pursuing his master’s degree in Western Medieval and Renaissance History through Harvard University. Prior to his recruitment, Rerun had limited experience with the extra-natural; his knowledge being limited to Agent Slick‘s and his own abilities, and an individual they both refer to as Nemesis. The latter was responsible for the murder of Sarah Markham, Rerun’s close friend and fellow intern at the Higgins Armoury Museum, one year prior his recruitment.
(Note: Nemesis was later confronted by then-Director Windmill and Agents Rerun and Fear Factor when he attempted to attack Rerun’s ex-partner in order to get Rerun’s “attention.” Nemesis managed to escape, and William Goldfield has been recruited for his own safety.)

Despite an almost complete lack of combat skills at the time of his recruitment (14th century German longsword techniques not withstanding), and multiple complaints regarding his own qualifications, Agent Rerun has proven himself to be a capable field agent. Efforts to convince him of this development have met with limited success, since he claims to find the sole parameters of “mission successful,” and “team recovered intact” to be lacking. He then generally points out that he has yet to receive any amount of formal Agency “training” during his months with the organization, and thinks this proves a point.
Regardless of all of his apparent misgivings, Rerun has yet to try to escape or otherwise leave the Agency, despite having potentially possessed the means. (Note: ‘Someone’ put the Cap of Hades on temporarily during its retrieval. Rerun is suspected to be the guilty party. However, circumstances are unknown.) The continued presence of Will, Slick, and Agent Scaffold (Rerun’s father), potentially play a significant role in this.

After surviving the recent spaceship incident, Rerun has gained a good deal of recognition in the American Agency, as well as in other Agencies around the world. The conclusion of that incident resulted in a chaotic series of events that led to Rerun being nicknamed “Ballstomper” by many of the Mohawks. Despite the nickname and the rather violent animated gif of himself floating around the Agency’s network, Rerun prefers to attempt diplomatic solutions when faced with potential conflict. Recently, he has become more outspoken in criticizing the Agency’s policies; and has even repeatedly ignored shoot-on-sight policies in regards to hostile organizations in favor of attempts to communicate with said organizations while in the field. As a result, he is well known to both BETA and the British Agency.

Interests: Chaucer; Vocally deriding popular “historical” movies; Comparing German, English, and Italian longsword techniques; 14th & 15th centuries; Motorcycles; Providing friends with clinical fashion advice; Organization; Gardening (vegetables/herbs); Bicycle repair;

Languages: English; Latin; German; Tuscan; Middle French;

Nicknames: Fearless Leader; Ballstomper;


Plausible Deniability Rerun