Imperial Guardian Lion

Agent Lassie a.k.a. Nama is one of two Imperial Guardian Lions or “Fu Dogs” currently in possession of the American Agency. Bound to the statue know as Artifact 4803371-1b, she is obligated to serve the household within which her statue resides.

Age: Estimated at 380-370 years     Gender: Female
Physical: 7 ft, 2 in | 345 lbs
Allegiance: American Agency
Department(s): Field; Medical; N.H.O.M.I; Non-human ambassador;
Clearance Level: Green-1
Preferred Weapon: Her trusty shield; A good solid punch;
Extra-Natural Abilities: Chi transference and manipulation; Fu Dog form;

Healing: [Touch effect] Nama practices a very potent form of Reiki. By transferring piece of her own Chi (or “life force”) she is able to stimulate and accelerate healing in others. – (Access file: " Hands-on-Healing " for more information)
Attribute Modification: [Touch effect] Nama is able to lend another person a piece of her Chi which, when applied to specific acupressure points, is able to boost some of their abilities. – (Access file: " Ability Enhancement: Chi Enhanced Acupressure " for more information)
Willpower Transfer: [Touch effect] Through an advanced form of Chi transference, Nama is able to bolster the mental fortitude of another person. – (Access file: " Ability Enhancement: Willpower Transfer " for more information)
Attribute Shifting: Nama is able to shift the chi with in her body to boost her own innate abilities. – (Access file: " Ability Enhancement: Chi Shifting " for more information)
Fu Dog Form: Nama wears a well-worn leather bracelet (4803371-3b) which binds her in the shape of a human. If this is removed, she will revert back to her original form (a massive dog/lion spirit). In this form Nama loses all sentience and becomes an NPC bent on the destruction of all perceived threats in the vicinity.

Nama’s life has been one of constant service. She and her partner/mate, Agent Rintintin, have been bound to many masters over their long lifetimes. Created for the Hou family in 1640, they were eventually gifted to the Imperial family only to be captured by the British in the Boxer Rebellion in 1901. They served the British Agency through WWI, after which Nama’s statue was damaged, unintentionally granting her freewill. Due to growing concerns over this, the statues were hurriedly sold to the newly founded French Agency who put the two to good use until their disbandment. Once again, the statues were sold, this time on the black market to a Russian extra-natural artifact collector. He would in turn use his collection as a bargaining chip for amnesty with the American Agency.

Nama had difficulty adapting to her newly acquired free will. Over the course of the next decade she became increasingly outspoken and obstinate, engaging in impulsive and often risky behavior. But after a base-spanning Fu-dog near-death-match with Rintintin, Nama decided that she needed to, for the first time in her three century lifetime, do some soul searching. When the American Agency seceded from the American government in 1962, Nama decided capitalize on the distraction and walked off a mission, vanishing into the 1960s.

Over the next few decades the Agency made several attempts to recapture Agent Lassie, finally succeeding 1978. She remained in American Agency custody for the next couple of years. After continually displaying good behavior Nama was put on probation and allowed back out into the field under the care of Agent Spotter and her team. After 32 years of service, the last surviving members of Nama’s team were retired from the field.

As a being that doesn’t age, Nama still remains classified as a field agent. Having recently returned from a year-long sabbatical in Nepal and India, she has since been assigned to Agent Rerun’s team.


Agency Service Record: British Agency 1905-1932; French Agency 1932-1946; American Agency 1948-1962 & 1982-Present
Known Names/Nicknames: Agent Lassie; Shi Ren Yi (獅仁義); S4803371-2b; “Martha”; Barghest (British codename); La Chienne Noir (French codename); BL2-S.1/A4833711b.000-48.03.371-2b (Subject full-tag);
Field Notes: Tendency to display dog-like quirks; A struggling Buddhist; Vegetarian (…or at least making a valiant attempt to be); Doesn’t have much respect for the human species as a whole; Co-founder of the Agency’s non-human management and support group known as N.H.O.M.I.; Reacts poorly to being called a “Fu Dog”; The legal guardian of Subject 2100574 (known as “Xiao”); The Chinese Agency is lobbying heavily for Nama and RIntintin’s return;
Languages: Manchu, Mandarin Chinese (older dialect), English, French and a little Russian;
Interests: Cooking; Tai chi; Bollywood flicks; 80’s pop; Long walks; Boxing; The Beatles; Crosswords; Playing catch; James Herriot novels;


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