"Hi! I'm Gently!"


Age: ∞     Gender:
Physical: 5 ft, 11 in | 169 lbs
Allegiance: American Agency/“Authority” (it’s complicated)
Clearance Level: Green-1
Preferred Weapons: Paired shotguns; semi-real mantis claws; overbearing compassion
Extra-Natural Abilities: Communication with the recently deceased; Projection of self out of inhabited body; Manifestation of insectile characteristics


David Ruiz (see: “Agent Dragoon”) was killed in action on the 14th of June, 2015. Shortly afterwards, his body reanimated by the extranatural entity now known as “Gently.” He (pronouns defaulted as per Agency guidelines) identified himself as a psychopomp and offered his services to the Agency in exchange for asylum from his previous employers.

[Addendum: the subject’s callsign is derived from a misquotation of the Dylan Thomas poem “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.” The exact party responsible remains at large, but the name stuck.]

Outside of a human host Gently resembles a scarab/centipede/mantis hybrid, but cannot maintain that material form without [CLEARANCE BLUE-3 CLASSIFIED]. Instead, Gently has adopted the body of the late Agent Dragoon, along with many of his skills and memories. Gently is effectively trapped in this body, but can manifest selective aspects of his true form to empower his host body.

Unfortunately, Gently is essentially animating a corpse. His twitchy mannerisms and glazed eyes make it difficult for him to pass as human, and animals seem to abhor his scent.

Gently is compelled to oversee the peaceful transition of the dead/spirits/ghosts/specters/[redacted]/[redacted] from this life to the afterlife. He seems genuinely unable to describe what “the afterlife” is. For unknown reasons, Gently is incapable of direct falsehood or pessimism. He is, however, sometimes clever enough to deceive an opponent without actually lying. He can also speak and translate every known human language within a [redacted] margin of error.

Agent Dragoon was an exceptional combatant and although Gently has access to only some of his skills (and none of his extranatural abilities) he remains a serious threat. He is inhumanly dexterous, mobile, and stealthy and has proved to be an effective combat scout.

Agent Dragoon was well-known and well-liked among his peers, and Gently’s usurpation of his corpse has been ill-received by those who knew him. He has been isolated from the general populace of the base and kept on active field duty in part for his own safety.


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