Blonde. British. Badass.


Age: 39     Gender: Female
Physical: 5 ft, 7 in | 156 lbs
Allegiance: British Agent
Department(s): Field; Wet-Work
Clearance Level: Regent
Preferred Weapon: Bolo


If Beatrice doesn’t have a professional or murderous relationship with you, she likely has a complicated one. As one of the British Agency’s top wet-work operatives, she has many colleagues (she even respects a few). Despite working for the American Agency, Agents Pasiphae and Rerun could arguably be called her closest friends. In the case of the former, the friendship could be summarized as, “pseudo-warmth over cold civility re: mutual death threats.” Alternatively, Beatrice’s relationship with Agent Rerun has more the appearance of a one-sided crush than anything else, despite his lack of interest in the opposite gender.


Plausible Deniability Knack